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Very few people sponsor us despite what the media say, we rely on everyday people to help us do what we do. We can only speak for ourselves running this site but we certainly have nothing to do with any big corporations. We appreciate everyone who can help in any way, and for this reason there is no set membership fee and you decide how much you want to pay per month ($3 is the minimum due to process fee) We desperately need funds to help expose racism internationally and also to pass on to help those that require assistance most, We give all we can also. Share our posts if you cant subscribe! Thank you for being part of the Black Lives Matter Movement, together we can make change but we need to unite and all pitch in!We cannot keep doing this without help from supporters like you. All who Sign-Up will get VIP status as proud and happy members. Thank You for helping even 3 dollars a month make a huge difference and will help. Tell your friends you Signed Up and encourage them to also! Access to updates by email and is exclusive to paid members. We know a lot of people prefer to use a site with SSL certificate (https) like Pay Pal to pay money so we have added the donate buttons which Donor Box kindly gave us which takes you straight to the secure Donor Box site which has all that, is very secure and encrypted like Pay Pal Click here to become a member {Background} We created this website and associated page and sites as a platform to get our stories out to as many people as we possibly can to expose racism, bigotry and injustice in the news in the hope that people around the world and in our own country will take notice of the treatment we endure daily and get behind the movement to change this so that some day our children will live in a world where everyone is treated equally. We are up for one of our biggest fights ever with the election of Donald Trump because his supporters now think their racist views are elected along with him and their hate crimes will go unpunished. We put every spare dollar we have into paid ads on Facebook to boost the most shocking stories like when innocent people are gunned down purely because of the color of their skin or a child is bullied at school and has their right to an education stolen to places and parts of the world that usually would not hear about it We believe that by putting our stories continually where they can easily be found and read is the key to start moving towards that future in a peaceful way, once the world see for themselves by reading the posts at home and overseas the perpetrators and people in power will be shamed into making it stop. We expect that a lot of people will say it will never work and that people wont care but already we have met so many people from all walks of life and from all over the world that had no idea of the extent of what we endure who are disgusted, outraged and ashamed and want to help us make change, if we do nothing then nothing will change and we truly believe that if your not part of the solution you are part of the problem no matter how unfair it seem that we even need a solution in the first place. We have been doing this as best we can and the small crew we have have put our careers and education on hold to work full time on this and also work a few hours where we can to get by, to try and achieve or vision. We endure hate mail daily and very real threats to harm us. We are not complaining we love what we do and do not want or expect recognition in any way. We are not bank rolled by anyone here and want to make that very clear because we get so many haters who believe the lies that are spread by mainstream media to turn people against us and create division amongst us, the very same media helped Dylann Roof supporters raise millions in donations (this is what we are up against). We do not receive any money from big companies owned by white people or even black people for that matter, we are not supported by any celebrities or rich and famous people probably because they are afraid of how the publicity might affect their image even though the could do it anonymously they don’t and we certainly do not have anything to do with George Soros here and if he does donate hundreds of millions of dollars to the other political parts of the movement absolutely none of it comes this way. It is for this reason that very few people donate or subscribe and we understand that but can all be very proud that the website, page and group has achieved so much and helped so many stories get heard by ordinary folk like you and us doing our part like a real movement should, the Black Lives Matter movement belongs to everyone who takes a stand and makes noise to demand that the injustice toward black people stop! and it’s destiny is up to all of us not any one group. So if nobody donate or subscribe we understand that it is because racists will use any means to smear us so they can continue with their belief that we deserve to be shown that they are superior, but we are determined to do this no matter what obstacles are put in front of us one post, one share, one conversation at a time no matter how long it take. 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